Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Aaron MeanwoodAaron Meanwood
First time pass
I honestly couldn't reccomend Paul highly enough. Genuine and lovely bloke. Very patient and explains everything in a clear and concise manner. Paul doesn't just teach you how to pass the test, he'll take you passed test standard and make sure that you're a better driver in the future. In truth I'm a little bit sad to have passed because I'm going to miss our lessons, if you're wanting to learn to drive then look no further. 10/10

Callum Clarke- PudseyCallum Clarke- Pudsey
Passed first time with me.
Many thanks to Paul for a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience, Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Olivia Bottomley - Horsforth.Olivia Bottomley - Horsforth.
First time pass
Thanks to Paul I passed my driving test first time around with only one minor! Thanks Paul.

Nicky Scoles - Hyde Park.Nicky Scoles - Hyde Park.
Clean Sheet Pass.
I passed first time with Paul and had zero faults. He always made me feel at ease and helped me every step of the way. He was never late and made sure I was fully prepared not just for my test, but for driving on the roads in general. Thank you very much for teaching me!

Jack Reed-PudseyJack Reed-Pudsey
First time pass
Learning to drive with Paul, was a great experience. He always made me feel at ease and helped me every step of the way. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone else wanting to learn to drive. Thanks Paul.

John - ArmleyJohn - Armley
First time pass
Paul is a first class driving instructor. Reliable, he arrives promptly for every lesson and will keep you informed of opportunities to rearrange if it's more convenient (for you, not him!). Knowledgeable, he promotes the mental aspects of driving so you'll be driving beyond test standard and well prepared for awkward situations. Personable, just a lovely bloke who you'll look forward to lessons with. Safe, constructive, thorough, decent, patient, fair, car's a nice colour, one of a kind. Highly recommended.

James Foster-RodleyJames Foster-Rodley
First time pass
"I'd really like to thank Paul for his patience, persistence and professionalism during my driving tuition. His relaxed but informative approach to teaching and instilling a calm confidence in me was instrumental in my passing first time. I'd had other instructors previously and I found their teaching style difficult but Paul was just the kind of instructor I was looking for and his guidance was instrumental in the result. I've recommended Paul to friends who are learning already and I'll be doing the same for years to come"

Claire Slingsby-Bramley.Claire Slingsby-Bramley.
First time pass
Paul is a great driving instructor, likable, friendly and always punctual and professional. He really helped build my confidence and always emphasised the importance of road safety. Paul's thorough teachings meant I passed my test first time and couldn't be happier. Thanks Paul.

Stephen CarrollStephen Carroll
First time pass
Passed first time which was all down to Paul, who is an amazing instructor. As a person he is very friendly and easy to get on with and as an instructor, professional, patient, knowledgeable and always reliable, which all contributed to a relaxed atmosphere. I looked forward to every lesson with Paul knowing I could learn at my own pace. Structured lessons and Paul's own methods, techniques and positive approach changed me from doubting myself into someone who's safe, independent and a more confident driver. I cannot express how thank full I am to Paul and the time he put into helping me pass. I would not hesitate recommending Paul to anybody. Thanks again Paul.

Edward Maughan-HeadingleyEdward Maughan-Headingley
Clean Sheet Pass.
Passed with zero faults thanks to Paul! Friendly, helpful and professional. I was made to feel comfortable in the lessons and every lesson was progressive. I couldn't have achieved a clean sheet pass without Paul's experienced tuition. Highly recommended! Thanks Paul.

Leo Dempsey-Headingley.Leo Dempsey-Headingley.
First Time Pass
I Can't express how grateful I am to Paul, he's a fantastic instructor and an absolutely amazing person. I had very little confidence in my self but Paul's relaxed, positive attitude and clear instructions made learning to drive easy and enjoyable. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn to drive, definitely get in touch with Paul. Thank you so much!!

Simon Myres-BramleySimon Myres-Bramley
First Time Pass
Thank you Paul. I can not recommend LDC driving highly enough. My first attempt at learning to drive with another company fizzled out after my confidence was knocked and after a 5 year break I began learning again with Paul and with each lesson my confidence grew and grew. Paul was the most patient instructor and he has taught me methods I will use throughout my day to day driving. I'm thrilled that I passed my test first time and believe I couldn't have done it without Paul's expert instruction and support. Thanks again Paul.

Jon Summerfield-Horsforth.Jon Summerfield-Horsforth.
First Time Pass
My girlfriend Lauren recommended Paul to me, after she had passed first time with him a few years ago. I was very impressed with his high first-time-pass rate, and the information she gave me regarding his teaching methods. After my first lesson with Paul I knew I was with the right teacher. He made sure that each lesson was not only moving me down the LDC learning path, but also building my confidence in areas where I needed help, and steadily progressing towards the next set of skills. By the time I’d reached my test date, I was more than prepared. Paul made sure I always felt comfortable, and reassured me whenever I doubted myself, making sure that I passed first time, as a confident driver. Couldn’t have found a better tutor for me. Thanks again Paul.

Danielle Lally-Rodley.Danielle Lally-Rodley.
Passed first time.
I have one thing to say about Paul, what an amazing driving instructor!!!! I have only been learning to drive for 5 months and I have passed my test first time!! Paul has been so patient with the mistakes I have made whilst driving and teaches me to carry on and move on! Paul is one of the best driving instructors. I couldn't have asked for anyone better! I will always be greatfull for having a fantastic instructor and will keep all the glorious memories! Thank you for helping me in this journey Paul

Katy WanKaty Wan
Passed first time with me.
Paul is a very calm and positive instructor. He does very well to bring up your confidence with driving and gives very positive constructive feedback to help you improve.

Georgina Croft-HoltparkGeorgina Croft-Holtpark
First Time Pass
Paul helped me pass first time with only 2 minors. He was a great instructor, always really friendly, patient and professional. All my lessons were structured to help me develop skills at my own pace, which has helped me learn to be a safe driver, not just for my driving test. His lesson times were always flexible to fit around my work schedule, and as an experienced instructor he always made me feel at ease during lessons. I'd highly recommend Paul to anyone considering taking lessons. I now have the confidence to enjoy being more independent, going forward. Thankyou very much Paul!" Many thanks again for helping me pass first time! Gina xx

Jason Hall-BramleyJason Hall-Bramley
First Time Pass
After being with another instructor, I found Paul through LDC. I am so glad I did he helped me understand all aspects needed to pass the first time. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone wanting to learn to drive, Great calm instructor. Thanks for your knowledge Paul.

Callum HeadingleyCallum Headingley
First Time Pass
Paul is a great teacher. He made me feel confident and assured behind the wheel. Right from the very beginning. Each lesson developed different skills behind the wheel, so I was more than ready come test time. Thanks Paul.

Saman HusseinSaman Hussein
Another First Time Pass
I Passed First Time, I believe Paul is a Great teacher. I would Highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks so much Paul.

Rose Sanewong-BramleyRose Sanewong-Bramley
Another First Time Pass
My name is Rose, I passed my driving test first time. Thank you Paul for your help and support me for last 3 months. You have been very committed and the best driving instructor.

Another First time Pass
My name is Jwana I passed my driving test first time with Paul. He is the best Instructor in the world I believe. I took all my lessons with him he gave me the relaxing and confidence behind the wheel. He explains every thing clearly as the English language is my second language he tried to even explain the words that I didn't understand. He is friendly and always smiling even when you make mistakes. I would recommend him for every one. Thank you so much Paul for all you advice and support.

Chris WilsonChris Wilson
Another First time Pass
Paul was a very good instructor that teaches you how to drive safely and correctly in the right stages. If your after calm, friendly skilled driving instructor with great experience then Paul is your man!

Sam Wilson - RodleySam Wilson - Rodley
Passed 1st time
Passed First time today, Paul's a great teacher, Made it easy to get to grips with everything. Thanks Paul.

Katie Matthews - SwinnowKatie Matthews - Swinnow
Paul Hawkshaw is one of the most positively influencing people I've ever had the pleasure to meet! Not only does he teach you to drive, but he does so in a way that gives you a lot of confidence behind the wheel. After failing twice with a previous instructor, Paul was quick to guide me back on course with skills and techniques I'll remember throughout my entire driving future. I can only send my eternal thanks for all the support he's given me and would happily recommend him to anyone wishing to start driving!

Debbie Carter - StanningleyDebbie Carter - Stanningley
As a first time pass and through reading reviews before deciding upon Paul as my driving instructor I can highly recommend him. After going back to driving lessons from a 14 year gap. Paul made me feel comfortable and completely in control. He has an incredible amount of patience and I can't thank him enough for getting me through my test. Thanks Paul.

George Pearson - BramleyGeorge Pearson - Bramley
I have only great words to say about Paul. He has taught me to feel competent and confident behind the wheel. Paul allows you to learn at your own pace so you never feel uncomfortable or rushed during one of his lessons, this is backed up by visual learning cards which aid the learning which allow you to feel calm and relaxed when driving in any given situation. The mock tests that Paul carries out make you fully prepared for your test and allows you to know what to expect. With a first time pass with only one fault, I can't sing his praises enough!

Alex Yates - HorsforthAlex Yates - Horsforth
I passed first time with Paul. He's a great teacher, friendly and personable, especially to younger people who are starting driving lessons for the first time. He made me feel immediately at ease in the car, and quickly identified my personal confidence level so he could adjust the lesson content accordingly. This allowed me to learn at my own pace I would definitely recommend him to anyone thinking about taking driving lessons! Thanks so much Paul

James Thompson - FarsleyJames Thompson - Farsley
Passed my test first time today. Paul has taught me amazingly well from a complete beginner to passing at the first time of asking. I Can't recommend him highly enough.

Holly ListerHolly Lister
I passed my test today, after failing one test with my previous instructor. I found Paul to be very friendly and an excellent instructor. I would highly recommend him to family and friends.

Melanie Robinson - FarsleyMelanie Robinson - Farsley
At 45 years old, I was not an average Learner Driver, and having done some internet searches I finally picked Paul as my instructor. From the very start I found Paul to be patient, calm, understanding and clearly extremely knowledgeable. Paul is able to adapt his explanations into clear and easy to understand terminology to suit the individual. Paul does not teach you to pass your test, he teaches you to drive safely, confidently and responsibly, which in turn enables you to pass the test with a minimum of errors. Paul puts you at ease on every lesson and when learning new objectives he will not rush you. Due to Paul's teaching technique and ability to calm nerves I was able to pass first time and cannot thank Paul enough. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone of any age, and have already passed his details to a friend. Thank you Paul!

Michael Dowd - HeadingleyMichael Dowd - Headingley
I Passed First time with Paul today. I would highly recommend Paul as an Instructor. He instinctively knows what to teach you, when you're ready, So it all actually sinks in. On top of he is very safety aware so teaches you that bit extra. Finally he's a really nice guy, very down to earth. Thanks Paul.

Nick Schofield - BramleyNick Schofield - Bramley
Paul was an excellent driving instructor from the very beginning! I was a nervous driver, and he made me feel relaxed, and made me feel like I could pass my driving test, which I had failed to a few times before, but I passed first time with Paul! He is very professional, and I highly recommend him! thank you so very much Paul for helping me achieving a goal in life that I have wanted for a long time!

Kristina Kairiukstyte - BramleyKristina Kairiukstyte - Bramley
Paul was my very first instructor, and the last. He was sometimes strict, but that strictness made me work hard. I'm so pleased and I've passed the first time drive, and am glad I took the lessons with Paul!

Matthew Calvert - PudseyMatthew Calvert - Pudsey
I Passed my test first time today with only 1 minor fault! I would like to thank Paul for his excellent tuition and sharing his wealth of driving knowledge with me. Enjoying the independence driving has given me. Thanks Again Paul.

Sophia Krywycz - HeadingleySophia Krywycz - Headingley
Paul is an amazing driving instructor. He is always smiling during every lesson and this helped me gain my confidence and pass first time with Paul. He is relaxed and makes you feel at ease when behind the wheel, perfect for when I was nervous before my test! I would like to say a very big thank you to him as he has given me freedom to drive! Thank you, Paul.

Gareth Brown - CalverleyGareth Brown - Calverley
I'd been putting off driving lessons for a number of years and finally decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I was drawn to the LDC system, and in particular Paul after reading the great testimonials on his site. Paul gave me the confidence to drive through his patience and helpful manner in his teaching. I eventually passed first time with no faults, what better testimonial could there be . On top of this he's a good guy and easy to get along with which I think is important when learning to drive. I can't thank Paul enough.

Matt Sharp - MorleyMatt Sharp - Morley
I couldn't have asked for anymore! Paul is patient, helpful and I was able to build up a great bond with him. I believe this was a huge contributor to me passing my test first time with no driving faults. The way that Paul taught me was perfect for my style and at the same time ensures that his driving lessons were enjoyable. I would happily recommend Paul anyone who is considering learning to drive. Thanks, Paul.

Chloe O'Dwyer - MeanwoodChloe O'Dwyer - Meanwood
Thanks so much to Paul for seeing me through my driving instruction. I started lessons in July, and passed first time on 1st November! Paul was a fantastic help, patient and encouraging throughout. I enjoy driving and the confidence that it's brought having had such a thorough and pleasant instructor. The LDC booklet and DVD was also a great help as it meant that I could have time outside of the lessons revising and reviewing my learning as it progressed. My partner will be next to learn, and will be heading your way soon Paul! Thanks again.

Lucy Lord - BramleyLucy Lord - Bramley
I've been recommended to Paul by my brother (Who also passed first time) and we got on straight from the first lesson, we worked on building my confidence and getting better on my weakest points. I was very nervous about learning to drive, but Paul made it really easy to learn safely and increase my confidence behind the wheel. I looked forward to my lessons and didn't worry about struggling with new things, as Paul would talk me through it until I picked it up He was very patient with me even when I made silly errors, and always encouraged me in a calm and relaxed manner. Paul is a great instructor and I would highly recommend him to every learner. Thanks Paul he's one of the best and easy going instructors around Leeds area. Thanks Paul.

Rodolfo Carneiro - Hare HillsRodolfo Carneiro - Hare Hills
I've been recommended to Paul by my brother (Who also passed first time) and we got on straight from the first lesson, we worked on building my confidence and getting better on my weakest points . I think he's one of the best and easy going instructors around Leeds area. Cheers Paul.

Lauren Belford - KirkstallLauren Belford - Kirkstall
Thank you ever so much again! Passing my test was JUST the good news I needed!!! You've been brilliant! 'I approached Paul after having had driving lessons with another instructor and not feeling like I was learning anything. From the word go, Paul tried his best to work around me with regards to driving lessons. He always looks at the positives, giving criticism only when it is really needed. His patience means that I was able to take my time learning new things, and his optimism meant that I felt confident, always praising the good things. Passing first time was the best, and I couldn't have done it without Paul's help (the conversation about false teeth right before my test was just what I needed to distract me from the nerves!) Thank you, Paul! Lauren.

Nic BackhouseNic Backhouse
Paul is a really good driving instructor, he explains how to complete manoeuvres well. Paul has an extensive knowledge of the local area, and lessons were spent actually progressing with my driving as opposed to being stuck in traffic! I passed my driving test on my first attempt and this is thanks to Paul's teaching and skills as an instructor. Thanks Paul

Kwame OpokuKwame Opoku
My name is Kwame Opoku from Hyde Park Corner. I passed my driving test with the help of Paul for the first time after taking loads of lessons over years and failing a few test. He talked to me about most things my previous driving instructors didn't tell me, he's got time for pupils, and one thing I liked was the timing. He was never late unlike my other instructors, who were late most of the time. I would recommend Paul to everyone who wants to pass for the first time. Now am thinking of taking the pass plus with Paul.

Jamie PeacockJamie Peacock
I was recommended to Paul through my sister who also learnt and passed first time with him, I found Paul's patient approach helped me become a confident driver, which helped me gain the driving skills I needed to pass first time and to help me in my driving future. Thanks Paul.

Ryan FahyRyan Fahy
Paul is a brilliant instructor! I was firstly recommended by a work colleague to book Paul as my driving instructor. Definitely the best recommendation. Thanks to Paul I passed first time with only 3 minor faults. Paul's explanations are easy to understand. I use his methods still now I am driving solo. Paul is very supportive and encouraged me to be a confident driver. Thank you Paul!

Laura Swanson - WortleyLaura Swanson - Wortley
Paul is an excellent instructor who taught me how to be a safe, confident driver, and not just how to pass a test. He always put me at ease during my lessons with his relaxed and reassuring teaching style, not just correcting any mistakes I made but also praising things I did well. Thanks to Paul's expert tuition I passed my test first time with only one minor; something I never thought would happen before I started lessons with him. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paul to anybody wanting to learn to drive. Thank you, Paul.

Ryan Smith - EastEnd ParkRyan Smith - EastEnd Park
Paul is a great driving instructor; he immediately put me at ease and I felt very comfortable driving his car, he was clear when explaining what we were going to be doing on the lesson and what it takes to pass the driving test. I learnt everything I had to learn to pass the test at the beginning and then for the rest of the time, we focused on improving on it to make sure I had a balanced experience in everything and didn't forget what I had learnt before. I feel that when I was almost ready to take my test, Paul encouraged me to book it, making sure that I didn't have to pay for any unnecessary lessons, as test dates are usually booked up for quite a few weeks. All in all, my experience of driving lessons has been fantastic, and I would strongly recommend Paul to both family and friends.

Ben Rayner - MeanwoodBen Rayner - Meanwood
I was recommended to Paul as a driving instructor by a close friend. Around February 2011, I began taking lessons with Paul, who was a very patient and calm instructor. Paul knew I had some knowledge of the road already and catered the lessons around this, and even though I had some tense moments on the road, Paul was very calm and reassuring so I was never put off regardless of the situations I got myself in to. Unlike most instructors I've come across, On top of this, Paul doesn't just teach in a 'tick box' style exercise in order to pass the test, he taught me to become a very confident and comfortable driver. On April 11th 2011, I passed my test first time, with only 2 faults all thanks to Paul's positive, reassuring attitude. I'd recommend him 100% - Fantastic Instructor, great guy. Thanks Paul!

Jessica Young - BeestonJessica Young - Beeston
I started learning to drive with Paul in June 2010 and have recently passed first time, which was a huge achievement. I know Paul personally but I would strongly say that his relaxed, friendly and encouraging personality built my confidence up. I would never say I didn't enjoy any driving lesson I loved them all, they were something I always looked forward to. I wouldn't think twice about recommending him to anyone he, he is amazing! Thank You so Much Paul couldn't have done it without you!

Ashleigh Robinson - HolbeckAshleigh Robinson - Holbeck
I had been learning to drive with a different instructor and found I was really struggling and couldn't speak to my instructor. When I went with Paul he gave me advise and explained where I went wrong and how to improve. When it came to my test I felt ready and confident. Paul supported me and helped me a great deal and couldn't have done it without him. I passed first time all because of Paul.x

Becky Clarkson - BramleyBecky Clarkson - Bramley
Paul came highly recommended by a family friend, who had passed first time with him. Although I had had some lessons before, I hadn't driven for over a year, but Paul's friendly and reassuring approach meant I soon had my confidence back behind the wheel. Paul teaches you to be a good driver as well as making sure you are well prepared for your test. I chose the semi-intensive course option, and passed first time after only 5 weeks with just one minor. I would recommend Paul to anyone. Thanks Paul!

Josh BriodyJosh Briody
I am 19 and I learnt to drive recently with Paul he is a great driving instructor, he is very patient and lets you learn at your own pace and doesn't rush you. He lets you chose what you want to do during your lesson. I was told about Paul by my brother, Matty Briody, he also passed first time with Paul. I will certainly tell others about my good experience. If you want to learn to drive Paul is the best person to learn with. He is very friendly and pleasant. I would recommend him to anyone.

Matty Briody - MiddletonMatty Briody - Middleton
I started learning to drive with Paul at 17 with no exsperience before and got to know him through LDC. I was looking for a patient, well mannered and friendly instructor and Paul has all of these great qualities. I felt as if learning was not pressured and it was safe and controlled. He gave me the confidence to push my skills further and further every time we had a lesson together. He was extremly patient at times, showing me how to correct mistakes in a calm and collected manner. But most of all it felt as if the goal wasnt my test, it felt as if it was to make me a complete driver for many years to come and to prepare me for situations i may come across later on in my driving span. I have and would recommened Paul to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Thank you Paul.

Dan Appleyard - BramleyDan Appleyard - Bramley
I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone of any ability. He has a relaxed and reassuring teaching style which puts you at ease, which is vital when learning something that requires a calm and responsible attitude. Every lesson was fun and enjoyable, and at the same time informing and invaluable. He always goes the extra mile and never rushes past a topic. Paul doesn't teach you to just pass the driving test, he teaches you to be a careful and responsible driver whenever you're behind the wheel. I knew very little when I first started, but I passed first time with just one minor. Thanks again Paul for being a great instructor!

Stacy Dodds - DriglingtonStacy Dodds - Driglington
After having 40 odd lessons with a different driving company and seeming like I was going round in circles so I decided to change driving instructor. I contacted Paul after being recommended to LDC by my sister. Throughout my driving lessons with Paul I felt like I was actually learning how to drive not just being taught what to do to pass my test. Also Paul would tell you when you did something wrong and how to correct it, but also tell you when you did something good and right which I think is what learners need to give them the confidence. With Paul's great help I passed 1st time, with only two driving faults. Thanks again!! Your the best!

Chris Law - LeedsChris Law - Leeds
I could see why Paul had a consistent success rate with his students. I went through my driving course really learning and refining techniques as well as the highway code rather than just practicing. When it came to the test I felt very prepared and passing felt quite natural. I simply put it down to Paul's thorough approach and not luck.

Danielle Poutch - PudseyDanielle Poutch - Pudsey
I started my driving lessons in May 2008 and quickly found Paul to be a friendly and patient driving instructor. Thanks to his willingness to answer any questions, i felt comfortable and at ease throughout all of my lessons. If i made any mistakes, Paul would calmly explain what I had done wrong and how it could be improved, this I found to be an easy way to learn from my mistakes. I felt that he set achievable goals as he did not move on to the next stage of driving until the previous had been thoroughly understood. His commitment to good driving standards and high level of knowledge has meant that I passed my test first time after just 8 months.

I can highly recommend Paul to anyone who is thinking of taking their driving lessons. Thank's Paul .

Paul Smith - FarsleyPaul Smith - Farsley
"Paul came recommended by a fellow instructor. Being 32 years old and with several previous experiences of driving, I wasn't your typical first time learner. Paul showed great understanding and made me feel very comfortable from the first lesson. Due to work commitments, I was under some pressure to get driving quickly and Paul gave me the skills and confidence to pass first time."

Sarah Jennings - WortleySarah Jennings - Wortley
I decided to learn with Paul after my brother & my friend both passed first time and they only had good things to say about him. I was a nervous wreck on my first lesson and I didn't have the slightest clue how to work a car never mind drive one on my own, but with Paul I found my confidence and with his guidance I felt like I could actually drive on my own. He has a cool, calm attitude and would always explain when I did things wrong how to do it right for next time. He also knows how to explain it different ways to suit you, I had trouble with the manoeuvres but after trying different techniques we finally found one that worked (which took a lot of patience). I passed first time within 6 months of starting my lessons and I would definitely recommend him to anybody. I will definitely miss our lessons and his words of wisdom. Thanks alot Paul.

Paul Jennings - WortleyPaul Jennings - Wortley
"Being completely new to driving, I decided to seek advice from good friends before choosing who to learn to drive with and the clear winner was Paul Hawkshaw. Been a novice at driving Paul gave me confidence in the first few weeks through his calm and patient approach to teaching. Every lesson was different, while building up my driving skills Paul was introducing new topics and gently encouraging me.

Lessons with Paul where always fun and relaxed. The structure of the lessons was superb. Paul explained each subject in depth and was more than happy to answer any questions I had. When I first started to learn to drive I wasn't very good, but by the time Paul had worked his magic, I passed my driving test at the first attempt with only three minors. I am more than happy to recommend Paul to people I know and already have done."

Larry Larkin - Armley
"I found Paul a very good instructor. I felt I was learning a lot with him and it was easy to remember. At first, I had problems with getting the biting point right without stalling. With Paul, we went over this at the start, so the next lessons I had, I got better and better. This was unlike the lessons I'd had before with someone else, in which I'd keep stalling all the time and feeling like I was stuck in a rut.

Paul also encourages you to go in for your theory test quickly and book the practical test too. It can be pretty stressful within the few weeks of your test, but Paul put me at my ease. It wouldn't be the end of the world if I failed the practical, however with Paul's lessons I passed first time."

Simon Gaines - Driglington
"Paul was a very patient instructor. His knowledge was very good and he always knew what to say and do to help me when I was learning to drive. I found Paul a really nice guy to learn with; as he wasn't just a driving instructor he was also a really easy guy to get along with. I feel that his prices were also very reasonable. I always felt safe while I was learning with Paul even when things went wrong he always had control of the situation.Both my friend and me took lessons with Paul and we both passed 1st time! Need I say anymore?

Thank you once again Paul."

Kirsty Sawyer - BramleyKirsty Sawyer - Bramley
"I always wanted to learn to drive and when I had decided the time was right I turned to the internet to look for local driving schools.

It was there I found LDC and after reading their pages I looked at their list of instructors, picked Paul Hawkshaw gave him a call and booked my first lesson.

Over the following weeks I under took a program of lessons suggested by Paul to be suitable for me.

Paul is a very patient, understanding and confidence building person, which was a must for me as I was to need them all.

I never would have thought that a fleeting 6 months after that first lesson I would have passed my test at the first attempt, yes that's right first time. Paul became a major stepping stone in my future and for all these reasons mentioned above I would recommend Paul Hawkshaw to anyone wishing to learn to drive (and do so).

Paul is an excellent practitioner of his craft and I am pleased to be able to put pen to paper (as it were) and testify to that, I also am pleased to be able to call him a friend.


Amy Burrow - PudseyAmy Burrow - Pudsey
"Paul has been a very reliable instructor. The fact that he only covered different topics when I was ready to really helped as I knew I wouldn't be asked to do something I wasn't able to cope with. He was also patient in explaining different principles and manoeuvres time and time again, no matter how many times I forgot them! Paul's thorough and honest approach to instructing how to drive was no doubt a major factor in helping me to pass first time. Thanks Paul! "

Mark Cox- BramleyMark Cox- Bramley
"When I decided to learn to drive, Paul was recommended to me by a friend. I was quite nervous to start with as I had no previous driving lessons but Paul immediately put me at my ease. He is very easy to get along with, calm and relaxed, and if something wasn't quite right the first time he would just calmly explain what was going wrong and we'd try again. His instructions were very clear and precise and his teaching methods are very effective as I was ready for my tests in a very short period of time. Thanks to Paul I passed both my theory and practical test first time. Cheers Paul! "